Please call us to schedule a visit at (406) 586 6060.

Visits are scheduled during school days between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. Children are encouraged to go along on the visit also. The class will be involved in their “free-time”, so there will be time to interact with the children as well as the teachers. The teachers will be able to show you around the school and answer questions during the visit. We love to have visitors, but we limit the number of visitors per day as the children may get overwelmed with extra unfamiliar faces as well as limited teacher attention during the visits. Staci is available after class to give additional tours of the school and/or answer questions.


Pilgrim preschool’s secular classes are graciously hosted by Pilgrim Congregational Church of Bozeman.

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8:25 Preschool door opens and children arrive
8:30 Free Time — building, medium table, manipulative games, matching games, arts and crafts, dramatic play
9:55 Clean up time — children help put away the toys and games
10:00 Circle time — songs, fingerplays, readiness activities, science experiments, movement, music, etc.
10:25 Bathroom — each child tries to go to the bathroom and each child washes his/her hands for snack
10:30 Snack
10:40 Storytime
11:00 Outdoor play — children pack their backpacks and get dressed for outside time
11:30 Dismissal — children are picked up by parents.