The objective of our program is the development of the whole child: emotionally, physically, socially, and cognitively. Our program is conducted in a relaxed and loving atmosphere which encourages children to participate and interact in group activities as well as independent play. The program stresses the importance of active learning and the development of the child through positive social/emotional experiences. We are always alert to the fact that each child is unique and develops at his/her own pace.


Occupying only a few hours of a child’s week, preschool education is planned as a supplement to a child’s home experience—not as a substitute for it. Home and preschool work cooperatively to meet the child’s need to learn and to understand, to grow in independence, to use his body with increasing competence, to build trusting relationships with peers and adults and to be valued and respected as an individual child.


Children are provided with experiences in social studies, science, language arts, math, music, and art through independent and group activities. Opportunities for development of fine motor and gross motor skills are provided in indoor and outdoor activities. The development of social skills is facilitated by a classroom structure which encourages peer interaction through child-directed and teacher-directed activities.

Days are planned around themes. Materials used for teaching invite children to learn through multisensory exploration. Children are also encouraged to ask questions, share observations and ideas and find joy through learning.


At Pilgrim Preschool, our objective is to teach self-discipline by working with children to help them understand how their behavior affects others as well as their feelings about themselves. Our behavior management techniques include the use of positive redirection of inappropriate behavior, using peers as models, and using “reflective discipline” to help children understand feelings, actions, and consequences. Teacher-supervised timeouts are used sparingly. We strive to help our students understand that they are responsible for their own behavior.

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  • Applications for enrollment for the 2018-19 school year are now being accepted. Please download an application or call the school at 406-586-6060 for more information or to set a time to visit the school.
  • We are currently on summer break, but if you would like to schedule a time to visit the school please call 406-586-6060.